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What do you ask my school about me when you contact them? Do I need to have a reference ready when I submit my order?


Education Verifications are one of the most frequently requested services that we provide, so you are asking good questions. When we contact a school to verify your education we ask very direct questions. We obtain education verifications through the school representative that is authorized to provide this information, such as the Registrar, or Records Office, so you don't have to worry about having a former teacher, or staff member ready for a reference. The questions are as follows:


  1. What credential was awarded (diploma, degree, certificate, etc)?
  2. What was the major/minor course(s) of study? (if applicable)
  3. What were the candidate's dates of enrollment? Start- End
  4. Did they graduate? Was this enrollment only?
  5. What was the date of graduation? (if applicable)
  6. Do you have any additional comments?

Here are a few additional pieces of information that will help you in the background process: 

  • GED's and High School Diplomas are usually issued by different sources. It's ok to tell us that you received a GED and not a High School diploma. 
  • Similarly, if you completed your education while incarcerated or in a juvenile facility, you do not need to tell us that you were incarcerated at the time.
  • The School name for all GED's should be entered as "State of _____" with the state that issued your GED entered. We are simply looking for where the records are located. 
  • As technology evolves many schools use electronic databases like the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC) to store records. These databases update records after each semester and can take up to 3 months to include recent graduates. Records from before 1980 are not all loaded in these databases. Different schools are at various stages of scanning and uploading records from before 1980 to these databases. 
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