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What do you ask my previous employer about me? I have a unique employment situation and want to let my previous employer know you will be contacting them.


This is a very common question candidates ask us. We obtain employment verifications through the company representative that is authorized to provide this information, such as a Human Resource Representative, but it always helps to give your previous employer a heads up that we will be contacting them, and we thank you for your initiative!

Standard questions asked are the following:

  1. What was the Employee's Position held?
  2. What was their original hire date?
  3. What was their separation date (if applicable)?
  4. What is the reason employment ended?
  5. Do you have any additional comments?

A few things to keep in mind with these questions that should put your mind at ease:

  • All information returned from previous employers will be made available to you as a candidate. 
  • Not all companies provide a response when asked if a candidate is eligible for rehire.
  • Not all companies provide any additional comments
  • Your personally identifiable information is all confirmed by the previous employer so we know that we are receiving information for the correct candidate. 
  • The more technology evolves, companies are moving towards electronic responses to these questions. This means that they provide responses through databases like The Work Number (TWN) that will only provide information like your most recent hire date, your most recent separation date, and the last position you held at the company. 
    • If you have left and then returned to that same company, this may impact results.

 If you have any questions or need any assistance with submitting documentation to Info Cubic, please feel free to contact one of our Client Service Ninjas via chat, email, or by phone at (877) 360-4636! 

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