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I can't make it to the drug screening location on my donor pass what should I do?


You are in luck! Info Cubic works closely with both Quest Diagnostic and LabCorp locations across the country. If you cannot make it to the location listed on your donor pass you have choices. 

Check the top right-hand corner of your donor pass and see which lab testing facility your order is associated with. If you are given a choice, please only choose a PSC or PPN facility. Third-Party facilities may add an unintended additional cost to your order for your employer. 

Take your Donor Pass with you to the new facility you choose. Arrive at least one hour prior to closing to ensure you are able to provide a sample that day. Many collection facilities are walk-in locations, if they are by appointment only they will be clearly noted in their hours of operation. If you choose a location that is by appointment be sure to check your donor pass for the expiration date of your order. Your employer has the choice to not honor samples collected after the expiration date on your donor pass, even if they are negative results. 

 If you have any questions or need any assistance while at the collection facility, please feel free to contact one of our Client Service Ninjas by phone at (877) 360-4636!

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