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I, as a candidate, want to add a search to my own order? Why can't I?


This is a wonderful question!

The Info Cubic Answer Desk fields multiple phone calls, emails, and chats, every day from candidates just like you to have us add searches to your orders. Each of these searches can cost your potential new employer more money to add. So we need approval from your new employer before they can be added. 

If you accidentally provided incorrect information and your order is still in progress or if you need to update or change a reference that was previously listed on your order, here are a few helpful steps you can follow so this can be added. 

  • Reach out directly to your recruiter/ potential new employer and let them know immediately. 
  • Send them an email that includes the following information:
    • Which search was entered incorrectly by you
    • What should be entered
    • Why it was entered incorrectly
    • That you give them authorization to reach out to the correct person/school/employer to obtain information about you. 
  • They can then forward this email to us with their approval to have the Answer Desk add the search or your recruiter oftentimes can add the search for you themselves! 

 If you have any questions or need any assistance with submitting documentation to Info Cubic, please feel free to contact one of our Client Service Ninjas via chat, email, or by phone at (877) 360-4636! 

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