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My candidate’s education was international, but I ordered a standard education check. Will it still work?


Unless indicated otherwise, both employment and education searches are for domestic, United States-based searches. If a candidate completed their education outside of the US and filled in the international schools' information on the order, the Cube System will automatically cancel out the search with a disposition of Canceled and a note saying "School is located outside of the US." 

An International Education search can be added at a later date for your candidate with client approval. Please note that candidates are not permitted to call the Answer Desk and request these searches be added to their own orders. If your candidate is filling out their application and they did not have education or employment within the US and these are required searches on their order, they may select "Does Not Apply" and bypass the section. 

 If you have any questions or need any assistance with submitting documentation to Info Cubic, please feel free to contact one of our Client Service Ninjas via chat, email, or by phone at (877) 360-4636! 

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