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I marked my education or employment as being in the US but it was actually outside the US? What should I do?


At Info Cubic we help many candidates who have had their education or employment history outside of the US. If you were sent an applicant invitation to complete and you were only able to fill in States/Cities that are located in the United States, your order was placed for domestic only searches. This is very simple to resolve. We will first need approval from your future employer to add a new search to your order because international searches can become costly if they are not anticipated by the employer.  Please contact your employer as soon as possible and let them know your employment or education was obtained outside of the US. Please see a helpful list of information below you will need to provide to your employer before we can proceed. Often times the employer can add this search to your order for you! So you won't need to wait for someone at Info Cubic to respond to your email!

  • For employers
    • The name of the employer
    • The position title you held
    • Your start date with that employer- the end date of the employer 
    • The City, State, Country that this employer was located
  • For education
    • The name of the school
    • The type of diploma received
    • Your graduation date
    • Your name as it is listed on the diploma
    • The City, State, Country the school is located
    • A copy of the diploma in its originally issued language (optional for most searches but highly encouraged)

 If you have any questions or need any assistance with submitting documentation to Info Cubic, please feel free to contact one of our Client Service Ninjas via chat, email, or by phone at (877) 360-4636! 

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