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My candidates education verifications continue to come back for review, why could this be?


There are a few basic reasons this may happen and they all revolve around the information that was provided when the order was entered.

When the name of a college or university is entered, the first source we check is the National Student Clearinghouse (NSCH). This is the largest nationwide database that major universities use to house their records. In order for the NSCH to return accurate results, all information on the order must be entered exactly as it appears on your candidate's diploma. Campus Location or the City and State are very important.

Often candidates can short-hand information that would seem obvious to them but could cause a few issues on our end. If the wrong campus name is listed, that campus may not house the records and would not return a result. However, if the candidate lists the exact campus they attended, the likelihood of returning accurate results is much higher! If your candidate graduated through an online program, their records are often stored in a different location than the main campus. 
An example of this is here in Colorado, we have a very well-known CSU campus in Fort Collins that also has an equally well known CSU Global campus where diplomas are issued to students who take courses strictly online.  These records, if not requested for the correct campus, Global vs. Fort Collins, will not return accurate results unless the correct campus name is entered.


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