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The Criminal History search says 7 years, but a record from prior to 7 years was reported. Why?


Also known as a “Scope”, the timeframes listed on our County, Statewide and Federal Criminal History products do not indicate the number of years we search for criminal record information, but instead reflects the period of time that counties, states, or Federal Districts are developed depending on the applicant’s address history. For example, the most common scope (and our standard) is 7 years, meaning that we will use the last 7 years of address history to determine which locations should be run. Within these searches, we will locate and report all reportable records identified regardless of timeframe, as long as they fall within FCRA, state and Info Cubic’s own internal reporting restrictions.

If you would like to limit the number of years records are reported, or change the scope in which county, state and federal locations are developed, please reach out to the Info Cubic Help Desk.

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