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How long do you keep my records on file? What’s your retention policy?


At Info Cubic, our data retention policy is a five (5) year time frame in order to comply with all provisions of the federal FCRA, state laws and all legal and regulatory requirements identified in the Professional Background Screeners Association’s accreditation standards. This retention period applies to information maintained in hard copy and electronic form.

On an annual basis, Info Cubic permanently and securely deletes all consumer information that is older than five (5) years after notifying impacted customers. The data will be inaccessible following the secure deletion. Info Cubic will also delete any information on its own internal servers or maintained as hard copy that is beyond five (5) years.

Any paper documents that contain personal identifying information (PII), such as date of birth, SSN and/or driver’s license number, shall be destroyed via a secure shred bin no later than the end of each workday unless there is a legitimate need to retain that information. If that is the case, the information must be locked in a secure cabinet and retained for only as long as necessary to fulfill the business purpose.

If hard copy information must be retained for the entire five (5) year period, it should be scanned and uploaded to pertinent order. The hard copy should then be securely destroyed. 


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