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What’s the Quality Control Process for background check results?


Info Cubic takes accuracy very seriously and are proud of the level of quality and accuracy of the services we provide.

All searches where a record is found, or information discrepant to what the applicant provided is verified, go to our internal Quality Assurance staff for review before they can be released to the client. During this QA process, the search is reviewed to ensure that the information being reported is accurate and up to date, matches the applicant, and that all applicable restrictions, regulations, and requirements are followed and applied.

In addition to these standard QA processes, Info Cubic performs monthly tracking and testing on all Researchers and Vendors to ensure that they meet all of our accuracy requirements. Our Quality Control Auditor also performs monthly Full-File Quality Checks to further check the quality of the performance of internal staff as well as the accuracy of all information reported. Errors are documented each month and processes are reviewed to prevent recurrences. Our strict adherence to our Quality Management System processes allows us to provide you with the most accurate information possible.


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