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Do background check reporting requirements vary by state?


Yes. In addition to the reporting restrictions of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), many states have their own laws in place regarding what type of information can be reported in a consumer report. These restrictions can be in regard to the length of time information may be reported, whether non-conviction information may be reported, whether pending cases may be reported, as well as what levels of offense are allowed to be reported in a consumer report. For example, Washington state prohibits the reporting of conviction information older than 7 years from the date of disposition, end of incarceration, or beginning of parole, and does not allow the reporting of any charges that did not ultimately result in a conviction. Some states, such as California and Nevada, do not allow the reporting of Sex Offender Registry information unless the Employer is in a regulated industry that requires them to receive Sex Offender Registry information. 

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