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What is the difference between nationwide, statewide, county criminal searches and federal searches?


US Criminal Record Locator

  • Info Cubic’s nationwide database search, the US Criminal Record Locator (USCRL), includes information from over 2,030 diverse sources and over 900 million records, such as statewide repositories, local county information, federal entities, Department of Corrections, and Administration of Courts records. This national search includes sources from all US states, the national sex offender database, and information from some US territories.
  • The records returned from the USCRL can be incomplete, lacking identifying information, and missing the final disposition. Therefore, we offer the USCRL as a “locator” product used to identify potential records to be verified directly at the source.

 Statewide and County Criminal Searches

  • Statewide searches locate records for the entire state in question, while county searches take it a step further and search only for records in a specific county within a state. Generally, as the search area gets smaller, the information returned is better, more accurate, up to date and comprehensive.

Federal Criminal Searches

  • Federal Searches are processed at either the state or federal district level and include cases that are entirely separate from the information you will find in a statewide or county search. Federal cases generally involve the government, a violation of the Constitution or a cases that crosses state lines. Examples of Federal cases are interstate drug trafficking, arms violations, kidnapping, stock fraud, tax fraud, embezzlement, etc.

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