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What does "negative-dilute" mean in a drug test report?


A negative-dilute is defined as a result where the urine sample's creatinine levels are less than 20g/dl but greater than 2 g/dl and a specific gravity of 1.0200 or less. The causes for a negative-dilute result could be:

  • The donor drank too much water.
    • Some donors believe it's best to drink a lot of water before going for a drug test collection to ensure they are able to go when arriving at the collection site. It is advised that donor shouldn’t drink more than an 8-ounce glass of water an hour before providing the sample.
  • The donor has a medical condition contributing to the negative-dilute result.
    • If the Medical Review Officer (MRO) sees that the donor's levels are out of the norm, they will complete a donor interview to go over the levels and see if he or she has a medical condition. If that is the case the Medical Review Officer will document what their suggestion would be on the reporting result.

If the drug test was taken for DOT, the Designated Employer Representative (DER) will receive a call from the MRO indicating that the sample was negative-dilute. DOT mandates that the sample immediately be recollected under direct observation if the creatinine level is greater than 2 mg/dL but less than 5mg/dL and the specific gravity level is greater than 1.0010 but less than 1.0030.

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