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We are a small company regulated by DOT; how can Info Cubic help us stay in compliance with the latest DOT regulations?


If you have less than 50 safety-sensitive employees your company can be included in Info Cubic's FMCSA DOT Random Consortium. When you are part of our consortium you will still receive all certificates and the Management Information System (MIS) reports needed by the Department of Transportation to stay in compliance. You will have the support of our subject matter experts to assist you in maintaining compliance. The process will be as follows:

  • Your end user will be provided an excel spreadsheet template to list the safety-sensitive employees needing to be entered into the DOT Random Drug Screen Consortium. 
  • These employees get uploaded into Info Cubic's Consortium along with our other clients participating in the consortium. 
  • If any of your employees get randomly selected, you will receive a PDF with your company information and the names of your employees who were chosen for a random drug test.
  • If none of your employees are selected, you will receive a PDF with no donor names on it.
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