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Do you offer drug testing outside of the United States? What’s the process?


Yes, Info Cubic does offer International Drug Testing, covering 80 countries. 

  • You can order the test online along with the applicant background check.
  • The drug kits will be shipped to the international address provided by you.
  • A communication will be sent to the applicant via email from Quest Diagnostic's International Team regarding the steps to be taken when the drug kit arrives.
  • The donor will schedule an appointment at the collection site provided and will take the drug kit with him/her.
  • The collection site will collect the sample and ship it back to Quest Diagnostics in the United States to test the sample. 
  • The process can take up to 5 to 7 business days depending on what country the drug test will be collected in. We will keep you informed with status updates within the order and you can access the Info Cubic system for current status updates at anytime.
  • The drug test results will post back to the order that was placed in our system and you will receive the result via email or by logging into our system to view or print the result.
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