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How can Info Cubic help me to streamline my company's online drug screening process?


Info Cubic offers a wide range of drug panels and occupational health services that can be ordered with any background check order. We are truly a one-stop shop for all of your background check, drug screening and occupational health screening needs. 

· Applicants or clients can choose the closest collection site to the donor via our intuitive, mobile-friendly ordering process. 

· Once the closest collection site has been chosen the candidate will receive an electronic chain of custody form they can take with them via their smartphone. There's no more need to print out the chain of custody forms. 

· The electronic scheduling system is available for Non-DOT and DOT drug and alcohol testing as well as Occupational Health Services.

· If your company has customized forms that are used for Occupational Health Services, we can build them into the electronic chain of custody form. This is a benefit for both end user and/or donors and eliminates collection sites from having to store forms.

· Once all services in the order for the donor have completed, you will receive results via email or by logging into the Info Cubic system.

· Drug Test Results and Occupational Health paperwork are stored in the Info Cubic system for safe keeping and secure access. You will be able to print them out at any time to place in your employee files as needed.

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