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How do I check the status of an individual report?


To check the status of a background screening report, after logging into your account, go to the Tool Bar and click on Screenings > Checked Individuals.

A list of applicants will appear. You will see a Status column that will show if the order is In Progress or Complete. You will also see if any individual component(s) within the order have been marked for careful review. To see further details of the order, you can click on the applicant’s name to open the order.


Info Cubic follows a consistent disposition matrix and will mark individual searches according to these established guidelines. The following is a brief description of each:



PENDING-In Progress 

Search is in progress. 


No discrepant or potentially adverse information reported. 


Search was not processed and the client will not be billed.  This status would be applied if an applicant asked a current employer not be contacted, if a search is out of the defined client scope, etc. 

PENDING-Applicant Connect in Process 

The search is in progress but on hold while missing information is being requested from the applicant.  This status will only appear for clients contracted for our Applicant Connect product.   


Discrepant or potentially adverse information was found (i.e. criminal records, no records with employer or school, other discrepancy outlined in Info Cubic Standard Disposition Matrix). 

COMPLETE-Unable to Verify 

The search was attempted but was not completed because the source did not respond, could not be located, the records no longer exist, or other scenarios outside of our control. 

COMPLETE-Missing Information 

Specific information or documentation is required by the source in order to complete the search.  We will clearly document the missing information and reach out to you multiple times to obtain the information before closing out the search.   


Search has been completed with no disposition (clear, review, etc) because Info Cubic does not apply dispositions to certain search types; but rather supplies the client with information.  Credit reports and SSN Address History are examples.  Another reason a search may be marked complete with no disposition is if the client has asked that the search be closed or canceled.  If work has been done, the search cannot be canceled so will be marked complete.   


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