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What is the onboarding process and how long does it take?


During the onboarding process, our clients must go through a credentialing step which is designed to meet the obligations established under Section 607 of the Fair Credit Reporting Act. This process must be completed before any orders can be placed. We maintain reasonable procedures that, at a minimum, require Info Cubic to obtain from a prospective client the following: client identity, certification of a permissible purpose to access consumer reports, and certification that the information will be used for no purpose other than the permissible purpose provided. We review and collect several details to help us validate the authenticity of the business:

1. Verify the business listing with a 3rd party (i.e. Dun & Bradstreet, Yellow Pages, Manta)

2. Verify that the client has a current and working website that matches what is provided on the MSA/Application

3. Verify the client’s address via Google Maps and determine whether it is commercial or residential

4. Review and verify business documentation that the client is asked to upload, such as a business license, Articles of Inc, or 501C document.

5. Verify the client through Secretary of State website for a corporation, LLC or LLP to ensure they are active and/or in good standing

If additional information is needed, the Implementation Coordinator will contact the prospective client.

Once requirements have been met, Info Cubic proceeds to set up the new account and will send a welcome email and login credentials to access the system. The average turnaround time of the credentialing and new account setup process can range from 4 to 24 hours; however, some situations may require more time.

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