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What do you check for in my drug screening and what’s the process?


Once you submit your drug screening sample at the collection site, your sample will be shipped overnight to a laboratory for testing. The lab will test your specimen for illegal substances, and possibly prescription drugs, depending on the test your employer or potential employer has requested.

Once initial testing is complete, if the result is 100% negative, the result will be reported back to Info Cubic and your employer or potential employer will be notified. However, if any possible positive results were identified, your sample will go on for further, and much more specific, testing.

Following this second test, if a negative result is confirmed, the result will come back to Info Cubic as negative and your employer or potential employer will receive the results. Conversely, if the second confirmation test shows a confirmed positive, the result will be sent to a Medical Review Officer (MRO) for review. The MRO will reach out to you for information on any potential prescription or over the counter medications you may be taking that could cause a positive result. It is important that you respond back to the MRO as quickly as possible in order to clear up any potential issues and not further delay your drug screening and hiring process.

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