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How long does a background check take?


The length of time it takes to complete a background check will depend on the specific types of searches being conducted, and even the location the source is in. For example, a criminal search in one state may be faster or slower than the next, Employment and Education Verifications tend to vary based on the size of the organization, and database driven products can be extremely quick, if not instant.

If there are delays they are often a result of court closures, weather-related issues, or unresponsiveness by past employers or academic institutions. International checks also generally take longer than the typical check in the United States. On average, Info Cubic is able to provide employers a completed consumer report within 2-4 days.

If you’d like to check out our monthly averages, visit the “Fast” section of our ISO page. This will give you a look inside our world on how quickly products are completing!


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