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I do not see the option to order a credit report. How do I order this product?

Info Cubic is obligated by the credit bureaus to make sure any credit reports we provide are being utilized by our clients strictly in compliance with the permissible purpose of tenant screening or employment screening.

The Credit Bureaus require any new or potential clients to abide by the following before gaining access to credit reports: 

  • Client must have a secure, commercial office. We cannot provide credit reports to clients operating out of their homes or in an insecure office location.
  • Client must agree to have their office inspected by a third party inspector. We invoice the one-time inspection fee at cost, which is typically $75-100 depending on the location of the office.  (high-volume users may have this fee waived)
  • Client must have a verifiable and valid business license.
  • Client must provide Info Cubic with a signed and properly worded release form from the applicant for any credit reports that are ordered. Info Cubic can provide a proper release form upon request.


If you would like to add the ability to process credit reports, please click here or scan the QR code on a phone or tablet to access the form.


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