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The State of New Jersey Bans the Box


You may remember that Newark City, New Jersey banned the box back in November 2012. Now the entire state has followed suit.

On August 11th, the Opportunity to Compete Act was signed into law by Governor Chris Christie. Though the law isn't effective until March 1, 2015, Governor Christie was excited, saying "everyone deserves a second chance...Today we're banning the box!"

  • Employers hiring candidates for work in the state of New Jersey can't ask about a candidate's criminal history until after a conditional employment offer is made.
  • All criminal history questions must be removed from employment applications.
  • Any questions, either oral or written, about a candidate's criminal record during the initial application process are prohibited.

What does this mean?

Please review this new legislation—and your policies and procedures with your legal counsel to determine if any changes need to be made.

Concerned about compliance issues? Send us your questions.

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