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How do I manage invitations that I sent to the Candidate?


How can I adjust or locate an applicant invitation that I have placed under my account?


After you have placed an order for an applicant using the Applicant Portal in your Info Cubic account. You can find and manage your applicant invitations by going to your Screenings tab and selecting “Manage Outstanding Applicant Invitations (Deprecated).”




A list of all the recent invitations that have been sent out will appear. Below are the columns and information provided.





From this page, you can do the following:


See the Current State of your applicant

Resend the invitation / Reset an expired invitation

Edit the Email Address for your applicant

Cancel the applicant’s invitation



How can I tell if the invitation was open?


If you have sent an invitation to the applicant the third column will show you the state that it is in. The following are the different


*Blank*: The link was not clicked on

Start: The candidate has clicked on the link that was sent via email/text

Multi-sign Documents: Action still needs to be taken.  There are documents that need to be signed and/or reviewed

Schedule Medical Tests: The candidate finished the background check invitation but has yet to select a test site for the drug screening

All Completed: The candidate finished the invitation

Activate Order:  The invitation has been completed and the ordering user needs to activate it by going to the order by clicking on the “Click here to continue this order”



How do I resend the Invitation or renew an expired invitation?


On the Deprecated page, click on the date under the column, “Last Email Notice Sent.”  The following prompt will come up:


By clicking “Yes, Resend” you will send a new invitation to the email on the order AND you will renew any expired invitations for your applicant.



How do I edit the email of an invitation that was sent out?


On the Deprecated page, find the column labeled Email Address.  When you find the invitation, you can click on the email address and change/edit the address.  Please note, a new invitation will not be sent out just by editing the address. You will need to click on the e-mail address to send a new link over to the applicant.  Refer to the step above for further instructions if you need assistance resending the link.



How do I cancel the invitation?


You may have encountered that you entered a duplicate invitation.  Or you may have found that you ordered the wrong package. IF the invitation has not yet been completed, you can cancel it.  After finding the invitation on the Deprecated page, please scroll all the way to the right.  Under the CANCEL button that is a red box in which you can use to cancel the invitation.  Please note, this can only be done if the invitation has not yet been completed. 


How do I locate the invitation I have cancelled?


To locate an invitation that you have cancelled click on your screening tab then select checked individuals.  When you are under checked individuals you can locate your applicant as NOT ORDERED will appear by your applicant’s name.   Simply click on your applicant’s name to adjust the order or permanently delete the order.



Please call the Help Desk if you have any questions. 877-360-4636

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